what we do

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Do you want to improve your
organization's Information Security Culture?

 Are the decisions your organization make about security issues aligned with your overall business strategy and the culture of your organization? Does your organization need help providing and communicating the necessary guidance to the decision makers and the stakeholders? How do you handle accountability in Security Governance decision making? Is your security program measured, governed, and properly controlled?

How Can Kingsbay Help?

Kingsbay can help your organization with setting strategic directions, establishing standards and principles and prioritizing investments. We can ensure that adequate security objectives and security strategies are developed and communicated to those employees and/or committees that are involved with decisions on security infrastructure and security application selection. Our service offerings include:

Policy & Standards Development

Security Program Strategy & Roadmap

Definition of Roles & Responsibilities

Security Education & Awareness

Security Education: Invest in your people and have confidence that your operation is in experienced hands.

No amount of investment in sophisticated security technology can overcome a lack of crucial skills, awareness, or motivation among your personnel. Security issues affect everyone. It is not just an IT issue. It is not even just a management issue.  Your people are your most valuable asset in securing your information. Our comprehensive approach is focused on your unique business needs. We begin by understanding your environment. Then we pilot courses with subject matter experts, trainers, and knowledgeable users, provide train-the-trainer classes and support the course-validation process. 

Have you established, published
& disseminated a security policy?

It is impossible for your organization have a good security posture security without having well documented policies and procedures in place. Kingsbay security professionals understand how security policies are supposed to be developed and governed and we get it right the first time!