avoid the risk of regulatory non-compliance

Enhance Security, Reduce Organizational Risk

Security or Compliance - What is Your Approach?

How strong is your security culture? Is your organization’s approach to managing risk and protecting data compliance-centric or security-centric? Is the focus of your security culture to be compliant to some regulatory standards?
Don’t be fooled- complaint organizations may not necessarily be secure.

GDPR & Privacy

We can prepare you for the challenges and help you make the most of the opportunities of GDPR.

PCI Security

Complying with this multifaceted security standard can be daunting. Let's help simplify the process.

Governance & Risk

Are the decisions your organization make about security issues aligned with your overall business strategy?

In today’s interconnected global markets, security and privacy breaches have far reaching implications.

In addition to the risk of regulatory non-compliance, security events can lead to financial loss, reputation damage and weaken your customer relationships.

At Kingsbay, we focus on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information assets by providing a wide range of integrated and cost-effective security advisory services. Our approach in addressing IT Security is risk-based and tailored to your needs by consulting across 4 distinct process cycles: Analyse, Advise, Deploy and Sustain. Request for a consultation today!

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